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Female contacts Lowell Massachusetts

Female contacts Lowell Massachusetts


Inside, the noise was higher-pitched, a relentless squeak, clatter, and whirr from the belt-and-shaft system that transmitted water power to the machinery. Those near the windows could look through the twilight at the factory yard, with its two lower buildings running out at right angles from the ends of the main plant. Next to the yard lay the canal which carried the waters of the Merrimack River to the giant water wheels, and beyond that was a Lowepl of frame boardinghouses for the employees. But not that night.

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This was the first time a woman had spoken in public in Lowell, and the event caused surprise and consternation among her audience.

It gave them water power and an iron grip on any future millbuilding in the area. Like most such experiments, it expected too much of human nature and counted too little on the unforeseen.

As the economic calamity continued in Octoberthe Directors proposed an additional rent hike to be paid by the textile workers living in the company boarding houses. As the bloom wore off the noble experiment, there were murmurs of discontent.

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It was worse than "the poor peasant of Ireland or the Russian serf who labors from sun to sun. Extra machinery had been crowded into the upper floors, ignoring already questionable load limits. Suddenly there was a sharp rattle, and then a prolonged, deafening crash.

You Lowdll also been promised a good education of reading and writing, and a firm foundation in religion and lady-like manners. What counted was that as women, they had money of their own. And Lowell mushroomed, geysered, exploded. Those men had nursed lordly dreams of progress and profit through the machine, and some of their visions of growth and gain and uplift had been realized. Both undoubtedly shared the shocked dismay of their fellow businessmen in the New England Society for the Promotion of Manufactures and the Mechanic Arts, who, ironically, had scheduled a dinner in Boston for that dreadful January Learn how and when to remove this template message The social position of the factory girls had been degraded considerably in France and England.

Lowell mill girls

The truth was that Masachusetts early asin the face of growing competition, they began to cut costs at the expense of the workers. Oxford University Press, Within a week, the mills were operating nearly at full capacity. He inspected the factories, he watched the girls at work, and he carried off four hundred s of the Offering to read.

In rural New England a century and a quarter ago, that was no inconsiderable sum of cash. Companionship, as a matter of fact, took the sting out of initial homesickness. Factory workers struck more frequently—and were more frequently replaced by immigrant strikebreakers. Only five had worked more than ten years, and of them—nearly two-thirds of the total force—had been there for less than four.

If they brought young girls to the factory for a brief period between maturing and marrying, and if they boarded them under safeguards approved by church, family, and all the gods of respectability, then a rotating labor force would escape the ills of industrial decay. But they showed that working women didn't have to put up with injustice in the workplace.



Scholastic, As you research the working conditions of the factories and the living conditions of the boardinghouses try to imagine yourself living in Lowell, Massachusetts during the s. With Lowell booming and growing, there would always be a job when she returned to the factory. Some went into the factories, and … after the first pay-day came, and they felt the jingle of silver in their pockets, and had begun to feel its mercurial influence, their bowed he were lifted, their necks seemed braced with steel, they looked you in the face, sang blithely among their looms or frames, and walked with elastic step to and from work.

Their control of the force was as rigid as that of any army.

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Those who work in the mills ought to own them, not have the status of machines ruled by private despots who are entrenching monarchic principles on democratic soil as they drive downwards freedom and rights, civilization, health, morals and intellectuality in the new commercial feudalism. That's how it often is with the first pioneers in social justice movements. They knew that in their dignity and pride they were the equals of the capitalists who employed them, whatever their incomes.

Thus high-mindedly Mawsachusetts they plant the seeds of the company town and child labor in New England soil. Flames raced Massachusdtts the oil-soaked wood and cotton waste, drove back doctors, rescue crews, and Losell many of them relatives of the mill workersand snuffed out the final shrieks. A bank appeared, then another, then a hotel, a library, two schoolhouses, and Episcopalian, Baptist, Congregational, Universalist, and Unitarian churches.

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The difference between Lawrence and Lowell, the towns, was something like the difference between Lawrence and Lowell, the men. This, in turn, led to organized "turn-outs" or strikes.

At about P. Those at spooling, warping, and dressing machines had harder work.

Sometimes on their way to work Lucy and her friends would toss a slice of boardinghouse bread to an elderly Irishwoman in order to elicit a musical flood of grateful brogue. Some Masdachusetts the money came from the company, which sensed the publicity value of the scheme, in the form of a large order for copies.

But the difference between a Boston attorney with a few shares of Suffolk Manufacturing Company in his safe, and Bridget Doyle at her spinning frame, was more than one of money. In all New England there was evidence that the United States was going Loewll have to find another Masaachusetts toward justice for labor—was going to have to walk the long road through decades of violence, organization, degradation, cruelty, bitterness, and protest, before the light would dawn again.

It was charming, intelligent, and utterly futile. InNew Hampshire became the first state to pass a hour workday law—but it wasn't enforceable. A mill worker named Amelia—we don't know her full name—wrote that mill girls worked an average of nearly 13 hours a day. She was a ward, an appendage, a relict. For a time, however, it gave a thrill of promise, its beginnings went back beyond Lawrence, to the early days of the Republic. In Great Britain, weaving factories were at last keeping pace with the healthy output of spinning factories.

The "turn-out" persisted for weeks and eventually, the Board of Directors of Lowell's textile mills rescinded the rent hike. During the "turn-out" or strike — they warned that "the oppressing hand of avarice contwcts enslave us," Lowfll the women included a poem which read: Let oppression shrug her shoulders, And a haughty tyrant frown, And little upstart Ignorance, Yet I value not the feeble threats Of Tories in disguise, While the flag of Independence Lowelk our noble nation flies.

They went to church regularly, were in by 10 P. Then there were other jobs of varying skill and distastefulness—from minding the whippers and pickers which fluffed the newly arrived cotton, to folding, measuring, and packing finished goods in the cloth room. So it was that in something more than a single defectively built factory lay in ruins in Lawrence.

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Objectives: The purpose of this lesson is for students to put themselves in the position of young women early teens who have been sent to work in the mills in Massachusetts to earn money to Massachustets the family farm. You are excited about going to work at the mills because not only will you earn your own money, but you will be helping your parents. Harriet remembered what Massavhusetts blessing Massachuseyts factory was to those unhappy and lonely older women who sat in New England chimney corners, meekly enduring the teasing of the children, the gruffness of the men, and the sharpness of female in-laws who had kitchens and hearthsides of their own.

It was not really typical of the growing factory system. Nor was the factory work unremittingly taxing.

Management had enough power and resources to crush the strike.

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